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Hire of Defford cum Besford Village Hall

Full Terms & Conditions of Hire

In the text below, “We” means the Trust or the Trustees of the Defford cum Besford Village Hall Trust.  “You” means the person who signs the Booking Form & as such are the designated Hirer of the Hall.  “The Hall” refers to the premises and gardens of the Defford cum Besford Village Hall.


Period Of Responsibility:  You are responsible for The Hall from when you first enter the premises until the key is returned.  A charge of £200 will be made if the key is lost (to cover the cost of a replacement lock and keys).

You will indemnify the Trustees for the costs of repairs and any damage occurring to any part of The Hall, including the contents of the building, which may occur during the period of hire or as a result of the hire.


You are responsible for the supervision of The Hall, the fabric & contents, their care and safety from damage (however slight).  We reserve the right to charge you for the cost of any repairs.  Any damage must be reported to the Booking Manager immediately after the event.

Cancellation of Booking:  If the event is cancelled at short notice, we reserve the right to charge the full hire fee for the time booked.


Fire Safety Procedures: Before using The Hall, you must have made yourself aware of all fire exits, identified the location of all fire extinguishers & the fire alarm and identified a fire gathering point. 

You must ensure that all fire exits are kept clear and are operating correctly.

Attendees:   You are responsible for the behaviour of all attendees using The Hall.  Abuse, threatening, intimidating or rude behaviour of any sort to anyone will not be tolerated.

You must ensure that there are no more than 100 people for seated events or 150 people for dances or other events.  For bookings including children there must be adults in attendance in a supervisory capacity.

Parking:  You are responsible for the proper supervision of car parking arrangements including the correct use of the three Disabled Parking spaces, avoiding obstruction of the surrounding roads and ensuring no parking takes place in the adjacent Private Glebeland Access Road.

Table & Chairs:  All tables and chairs must be returned to where you found them.

Waste:  All rubbish should put in plastic sacks and placed in the black bins at the front of The Hall in the disabled car park.  Paper, tin, glass & hard plastic can be recycled and should be placed loose in the green bins, next to the black bins.   You will be charged if any additional cleaning is required and this will be deducted from your damages deposit.

Electrical Equipment:  You are responsible for the safety of any electrical equipment you or any outside agencies (e.g. caterers, disco operators etc) bring into the premises and for ensuring it is used in a safe manner.  You are also responsible for ensuring that such equipment complies with all electrical regulations and has been PAT tested within the last year.   You are responsible for informing the Booking Manager in advance if you intended to bring any such equipment into The Hall.

We do not accept any responsibility should such appliances activate systems that protect the Hall’s power supply.  The cost of rectifying any damage done to The Hall’s power supply will be payable in full by you.  We will not accept any responsibility or liability for any inconvenience or loss, including consequential loss, that may occur due to any power failure however caused.

Licences:  The use of The Hall is subject to the Premises Licensing Conditions issued by Wychavon District Council which details the activities & times that specific activities which may be carried out.  This is displayed on the Notice Board in the Foyer.   You are responsible for complying with the terms and conditions of this licence in all respects.

If alcohol is to be sold, you will be required to have obtained a TENS licence for the duration of the event.  If you intend to use the services of a licensed caterer to serve alcohol, you must first speak to the Booking Manager.

Obtaining any other licences that may be needed is your responsibility.  All other regulations appertaining to the premises stipulated by the Fire Authority, the Local Authority or the local Magistrates Court or otherwise must be observed.

Setting Out & Use of The Hall:   The Hall must not be sub-let. 

You must ensure that noise levels for events (both in the Hall building itself and the grounds) do not cause a disturbance to residents in neighbouring properties.

Smoking or vaping is not permitted in The Hall.  Smoking and vaping is however permitted outside on the patio.   Wall mounted bins are provided for cigarette butts.

Unsuitable footwear, with the potential damage the floor of The Hall, must not be worn e.g. cycling cleats.  You are responsible for any damage caused by a breach of this condition.

The Mezzanine floor is not to be accessed or used without the express permission of the Booking Manager.  Under no circumstances are children permitted into this area. 

No form of adhesive tape or white/blu tack should be used on any walls. 

Only plastic chairs may be taken outside.

No dogs (except Assistance Dogs) are allowed in The Hall.   No animals whatsoever are allowed in the kitchen

Before Leaving The Hall:  You must ensure that The Hall is in a clean and tidy condition, that all chairs, tables and other equipment are replaced where they were found & that all doors and windows are properly locked and secured (unless directed otherwise).  We will charge you for any extra cleaning should this be required.  All lights & equipment must be turned off.  The main switch to the cooker must be left on.  You are responsible for ensuring the premises are vacated in a quiet and orderly fashion and that all persons have vacated the premises.

Click Here for a Printable Checklist of Actions to Be Taken Before Leaving/Exiting The Hall

Complaints:  You must notify the Booking Manager of any complaint relating to the hire of the Hall within seven days of the hire date.

Click Here For Downloadable Village Hall Booking Form

Click Here For Downloadable Village Hall Terms & Conditions of Hire

Version 5.00 - 6th February 2024

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